• Eating Italy Food Tours offers unique food tasting & cultural walking tours in Rome’s fascinating, non-touristy neighborhoods. We provide an insider’s perspective into “life in Rome”- the food, culture, architecture and history.
  • Eating Italy Food Tours offers unique 4-hour food tasting and cultural walking tours focused exclusively on Rome’s off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods and away from the crowds and the busy center. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, we provide a non-touristy, local experience so each participant feels like a native Roman.
  • Our food tasting and cultural walking tours will give you a chance to sink your teeth into Rome’s best foodie treasures and share the secrets behind each extraordinary bite. You will learn about the real history of Italy’s most famous culinary inventions like pizza and gelato, as well as those local Roman delicacies that you just won’t find back home. We will also WOW you with stories about some of Rome’s most fascinating sights and attractions that are all away from the crowds. We will feed your stomach with delicious food and wine tastings and you mind with all kinds of fun and interesting facts and restaurant recommendations to make your time in Rome unforgettable.
  • Mission
    To provide you with the best walking tour in Rome and to make sure that you leave having eaten some of the best foods at many of the most authentic and delicious local eateries and restaurants in Rome.
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    Taste of Testaccio Tour
    Trastevere Twilight Tour
    Trastevere Daylight Tour.

    Eat your way through Rome’s most delicious and non-touristy neighborhoods!

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