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Suspended between history and legend, myth and beauty, Rome still preserves its infinite charm and its unrivalled wonders. From ancient times to the Middle Ages, from Baroque to modern times, every age saw the Eternal City shining in its magic splendour. Today it is possible to visit the places which made Rome immortal by observing it from another point of view, from a new and original perspective, on board our double-decker buses. City Sightseeing Rome will allow you to travel through history and visit the places where the ancient Romans lived their social and political life as well as to admire the great Papal Rome, with its fine buildings and beautiful churches, by just sitting comfortable on board our buses. You will be able to visit the many churches, monuments, palaces, squares and streets of Imperial and Christian Rome, of Baroque and Modern Rome. Each bus has a highly technological, [...]

Arrives in Rome at the Chiostro del Bramante an exhibition dedicated to the Russian painter Marc Chagall, from 16 March to 26 July 2015, produced and organized by Dart – Chiostro del Bramante and Arthemisia Group. More than 150 works – including paintings, drawings and prints – from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem tell the unique bond between the great painter and his wife Bella Rosenfeld, fundamental and constant source of inspiration, linking the life of Chagall directly in its work. From the images of his childhood and youth in his native Vitebsk, to the illustrations for his autobiography My Life and the books written by Bella First Encounter and Burning Lights, the show runs through the life of Chagall through a treasure iconography and iconology returning in all his art to the more mature works. Exposure MARC CHAGALL – LOVE AND LIFE revolves around the personal experiences of the [...]

The cultural association Open City Roma is delighted to present the third edition of Open House Roma, which will celebrate the architecture and design of Rome. Rome is a world-class city that is celebrated and visited for its established architecture, monuments and culture, and for one weekend the public is invited to explore its best architecture with a particular focus on contemporary design. Open House Rome 2015 will showcase 100+ sites that will be opened in four main areas of the city: the historical centre, including the Vatican City; the Parioli and Flaminio neighbourhoods, where the new Zaha Hadid museum MAXXI is located;  the Tiburtina area, where a major reshaping of the urban landscape is currently ongoing; the EUR district, home to some of the best 20th century buildings. The event will feature a balanced mix of large and small scale ancient and contemporary architectures, spanning over the millenarian history [...]

Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Holy Year with ten years in advance, a historic event, 15 years after the Great Jubilee of 2000 wanted by St. John Paul II.  The Jubilee will begin with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica on December 8, 2015, and will end on November 20, 2016Pope Francis announced the celebration of an ‘extraordinary Holy Year’. This ‘Jubilee of Mercy’ will commence with the opening of the Holy Door in St. Peter’s on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, 2015, and will conclude on November 20, 2016 with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. At the start of the new year, the Holy Father had stated: ‘This is the time of mercy. It is important that the lay faithful live it and bring it into different social environments. Go forth!’      The Jubilee announcement had been [...]

From 1 April to 26 July 2015, the Fondazione Roma Museo – Palazzo Cipolla will be presenting an ambitious cultural operation centred around the Barocco a Roma (Baroque in Rome) exhibition. Rome, 1 April – 26 July 2015 Fondazione Roma Museo – Palazzo Cipolla The Baroque in Rome. The Wonders of Art exhibition, curated by Maria Grazia Bernardini and Marco Bussagli, with the contribution of a prestigious scientific committee (Marcello Fagiolo, Christoph L. Frommel, Anna Lo Bianco, Stéphane Loire, Eugenio Lo Sardo, Antonio Paolucci, Francesco Petrucci, Pierre Rosenberg, Sebastiano Schütze, Maria Serlupi Crescenzi, Rossella Vodret and Alessandro Zuccari), covers the artistic and intellectual period that made Rome the “capital” of the Baroque and a model for great European and international cities of the time. The exhibition explains briefly and clearly the way Baroque art evolved, from its creation in the first two decades of the 1600s to its point of “explosion” under Pope Urban VIII, and [...]

Eating Italy Food Tours offers unique food tasting & cultural walking tours in Rome’s fascinating, non-touristy neighborhoods. We provide an insider’s perspective into “life in Rome”- the food, culture, architecture and history. Eating Italy Food Tours offers unique 4-hour food tasting and cultural walking tours focused exclusively on Rome’s off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods and away from the crowds and the busy center. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, we provide a non-touristy, local experience so each participant feels like a native Roman. Our food tasting and cultural walking tours will give you a chance to sink your teeth into Rome’s best foodie treasures and share the secrets behind each extraordinary bite. You will learn about the real history of Italy’s most famous culinary inventions like pizza and gelato, as well as those local Roman delicacies that you just won’t find back home. We will also WOW you with stories about some [...]

Cinecitta World, a $338 million (250 million euros) project 11 years in the making, has opened its doors to the public in Rome. Built on the site of the former studios of Dino De Laurentiis, known as Dinocitta, Italy’s first cinema theme park is set to inspire guests to step into the world of cinema creation. The park, which boasts 20 attractions, eight film sets, four restaurants and four theaters, is small relative to the size of Disneyworld or Universal Studios, but park chairman and CEO Emmanuel Gout says it offers something much more. “At Universal Studios you step into their movies. America organizes the dream for you. There’s not a lot of space for personal imagination,” says Gout. “What we’re able to do is offer a place for shooting movies, where you can excite your imagination for cinema.” The focus of the park is on a cinema studio, not on the product. The [...]

FOOD CRAWL ROME TOUR CULINARY STROLL THROUGH  MARKETS, GROCERY SHOPS, RESTAURANTS WITH FOOD TASTING IN CAMPO DE FIORI, JEWISH GHETTO AND TRASTEVERE Tantalize your taste buds on this tour small group event. Trust in us and choose to experience an authentic experience led by a local expert food connoisseur, who will take you through a number of Rome neighborhoods to visit the most famous food markets, groceries, coffee shops, gelaterias, and restaurants in town.  Learn everything about roman food style, how to orientate yourself among the huge offer of restaurantys without fall into a turistic one. Taste some of the delicious food and wines for which the city is famous, including mozzarella di bufala, salami, pizza, mortadella, gelato, supplì, pasta. From fried cod fish  in the Jewish ghetto to spices and vegetables in Campo de Fiori, ignite your senses and burn some calories all while you enjoy walking amongst the beauty around you. The personalized commentary from [...]

Dal 20 marzo al 13 luglio 2014 le Scuderie del Quirinale ospitano la mostra della pittrice messicana Frida Kahlo, vera e propria icona dell’arte e della cultura messicana del secondo Novecento. Ribelle, pasionaria, iconoclasta, certamente un’artista dalla vita tribolata, nei suoi ritratti Frida Kahlo raffigurò molto spesso gli aspetti drammatici della sua vita, il maggiore dei quali fu il grave incidente di cui rimase vittima nel 1925 e che condizionò la sua salute per tutta la vita. Il rapporto ossessivo con il suo corpo martoriato caratterizza uno degli aspetti fondamentali della sua arte: crea visioni del corpo femminile non più distorto da uno sguardo maschile. Allo stesso tempo coglie l’occasione di difendere il suo popolo attraverso gli autoritratti, facendovi confluire quel folclore messicano e quell’autobiografismo utopico che li rende originali rispetto alla canonica pittura di storia. Non vi è dubbio che il mito formatosi attorno alla figura e all’opera di Frida Kahlo abbia ormai [...]

Sight Jogging in Rome It’s a new, entertaining and different way of combining tourism and exercising. Sight Jogging is a unique fitness and cultural opportunity to have highly-experienced trainers, (who speak different languages), guide you through Rome. The trainers make the programs and running pace according to the clients’ age and fitness level. During the run, the fit/tour guides show you the highlights along the route. The routes can be chosen among a list of selected ones, considering difficulty and main kind of interest (whether artistic, historic or naturalistic). The price is right too, a 4 person tour costs only 140 Euros. For more info, check out Fit’s Tip: Don’t worry about packing your heart rate monitors, they’ll lend you one.